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the old Roll premium APK comes with 0 registration or installation fee. All the features and tools are totally free to download.
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Jan 17, 2023
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At this time more than a million people use android smartphones camera for almost every occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, or at home! The smartphone is the best option and perfect device for any venue or event as you can get it easily today. Using the analog camera, you can easily get the same feeling in the Old Roll Premium APK. This is the amazing camera application that brings you the best artistic talent photo frames, film rolls, and many more amazing filters. You can use this camera and sure you can forget the digital camera.

Here you can enjoy the outstanding look of Ka Mera While taking photos. You can choose your favorite variety of cameras including the Leica M6, Toy F, Ins P Polaroid, Kira Camera, Pink Camera, and much more. Each of these cameras has many filters and unique textures to give you the vintage look you want easily.

About Old Roll Premium APK:

The old Roll Premium APK is the best tool to bring back nostalgic happenings of this modern era. The app allows you to capture pictures and also record videos with old settings that were available in analog cameras of the past. The application shows free frames, filters, images, etc. that make your photos look old and taken in the past time. Using this application you can capture photos with old historic place frames in the background. Also, there are more than features that are only available in this amazing application and you cannot find them in the modern application.

Adding to that, we always recognize the lifestyle and living standards of the past and really want to experience some of them So, you can dress up like them in your pictures with super effects that give you a brand new look. This app is largely bringing the setup of old analog cameras that were different from new digital cameras. Also, the amazing features installed on the old cameras have been true and long-lasting not like today’s low-standard cameras.

More about the application:

In the old Roll Premium APK you will see the old setup of the camera coming to life.  You can end this article just like you are having one old camera in your hand. In addition to that, there is a high-quality effect available for you to record videos as well. You can make some very amazing and interesting moments with family or friends members. Also, you are getting free tools to edit and customize your picture and give them your old look.

Furthermore, the old Roll premium APK comes with 0 registration or installation fee. All the features and tools are totally free to download. Also, the application has very simple controls that you can easily use to take photos and record videos. The user interface is mobile-friendly and comes with smooth servers.

Features of Old Roll Premium APK;

Analog filters:

There are more than a thousand analog filters in the application that can really make your photos look very amazing.


You can easily add templates in the videos or in pictures that look like you are available in the place.

Great Quality:

You can capture the most high-quality photos and record awesome videos with good audio quality.

Vintage effect:

You can create short films and short using features that looks the same as those recorded in the 90s.

Easy Camera setup:

You will get easy buttons and options to navigate through the application.

Key Features:

  • Download for free.
  • A subscription is not required.
  • There are several categories.
  • Nothing to register.
  • No ads or caches.
  • Mobile-friendly user interface.
  • Compatible with Android devices.


So, you can also go past in time and record awesome videos and capture old-style pictures using this application. That being said don’t miss this amazing opportunity and enjoy these little happy moments with your family and friend. So, download Old Roll Premium APK today.

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