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The Melon playground APK app is a totally free and best entertaining game application. Creativity, Enjoyment,
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Are you interested in fighting games that get you to customize your character? Yes, then today we share your brand-new game for all our players to enjoy.  Assessments in sandboxes are encouraged in this game. Furthermore, no limitations or rules prevent you from having a good time while playing the game.  You will immerse yourself more in your competitor’s blood. As a result, there will be much intrigue, excitement, and awe, Melon playground APK is the name of this amazing game.

The Melon playground APK app is a totally free and best entertaining game application. Creativity, Enjoyment, and restlessness are all infused into this game. Very simple to annihilate your opponent with various weaponry and equipment such as. Rocket launchers and machine guns are all that are required to easily win. You will be able to acquire an advantage over the competition by earning rewards.

What is Melon Playground:

A melon playground is a new and best android game that is based on the popular game called Farmville. The objective of this amazing game is to easily help the player’s virtual pet, Melon, grow and prosper by tending to its crops, feeding it livestock, and making sure it has easily enjoyed the water. In order to make money, players must sell their produce at the market or use their coins and easily perches new products or upgrades for their farm.

All players can choose between three hard levels, easy, medium, or hard. The game is totally free to download install and play, but some in-game items can be purchased with the original money. There are also daily quests that give players rewards if they are easily completed.

Features of the Melon Playground:

Free App:

There are many weapons, tools, and functions that can use totally free of cost. All these things will be provided at the start of the game, which you do not need to easily unlock while playing.

Several Types of Weapons:

There are many types of weapons, such as knives, rocket hunters, poison, gun machines, and more. These weapons help to win easily against your opponents.

Build characters:

This app access you to design different textures with your creativity. These characters are easily created with many different shapes so each can be assembled and disassembled according to the situation.

No Rules and Time Limits:

There are no rules or regulations for playing this amazing game. Also, you can easily play several times because there is no time limit or restriction.

Realistic scenario:

When you start to play this amazing game. You will feel that you are controlling everything in your real life.

How to install Melon Playground APK:

Step 1: Click download, the download link is available at to end of this article you can easily download this app.

Step 2:  Go to “settings” on your phone and access the unknown installation. If you have done this before, please skip this step.

Step 3: Click on the downloaded file and select install. After that, the installation will be complete in just one minute.

Step 4: After installation is complete, you can easily open the game and enjoy it right away.


If you like to have a laugh with explosive and negative simulation video games, then the Melon Playground APK. Here you’ll find a violent game and may be provided with many tools, weapons, and functions. It is straightforward to play for beginners and a killing sport in which you want knives and bullets to transport forward and keep away from barriers. Download the app now!

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