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Jhong Gaming Injector APK has been created available by watching at the demand of the players. These players always look for alternatives that help them in ranking top in the MLBB game
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Oct 8,2022

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It is very hard to search for an ML tool as good as the Jhong Gaming injector. It is a wholesome injector with much more useful features, skills, and resources accessible for free. This gets up above the competition by providing amazing ML tricks to progress in the awesome game. The new latest version was released a week ago. Therefore, we prefer you the latest version to try and test.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a 5vs5 game filled with thrill, action, adventure, and awesome characters. Like all Big-end games, it has premium in-game resources that are impossible to access by teenage players.

Rest easy, this is one and only Jhony Gaming is here to stay and allows all the resources a player dreams to have. It can be the best way to access an upper hand over other players and win using the tricks offered by the amazing application. We have shared the New latest version of the ML injector.

Table of contents

1.       About Jhong Gaming Injector APK

2.       More About the Application

3.       Features of Jhong Gaming APK

3.1.  Additional Features of Jhong Gaming Injector APK

4.       Conclusion

5.       About Information

About Jhong Gaming Injector APK:

Jhong Gaming Injector APK has been created available by watching at the demand of the players. These players always look for alternatives that help them in ranking top in the MLBB game. The application targets all the new MLBB players and allows them to get premium features for 100% free of cost.  Not just that, it also provides many different for the battlefield that can help easily to defeat enemies. Everyone can easily unlock premium features like Aimbot, Auto-headshot, Aimlock, Drone vision, Teleportation, Outfits, Skins, Weapons, Heroes, and much more.

Free For Android
Jhong Gaming Injector

Adding to that, the Jhong Gaming Injector APK has a very easy-to-use interface and is smooth. This helps you to easily all the options and features of the application. You will see all the cheats depicted on the main screen with bold letters to help you select them easily. Also, the user interface offers very simple settings that do not alter the default setting of your smartphone.  You can also easily use this amazing application on low and high-end devices as well.

More About the Application:

Moreover, you can easily unlock all of the awesome and great powerful heroes in the game for totally free.  It’s your hands you have to choose the character by clicking on it from the main menu of the best application. this is awesome and useful to plan an attack and kill all the enemies easily.  Also, identify mountains, buildings, bridges, etc. on the map that can serve as cover during intense fights.

On the other hand, there are other features like respawn, emotes, recall, teleport, and much more to use in the field for free. Also, the application is fully completely totally free and all these features are unlocked without spending just single money. The user simple interface and responsive servers give 100% results. Also, the UL is mobile-friendly and compatible with all android smartphone devices.

Features of Jhong Gaming APK:

ML Skins:

The mod successfully unlocks all the ML skins for all the characters of the main groups; Fighter, Marksman, Mage, Support, and Assassin.


It allows you to adjust the action and attack conveniently to escape and kill easily enemies.


This menu includes ESP Box, ESP, and ESP box and line size to easily locate enemies and know key information.

Drone View:

It agrees you to set a specific range to analyze the battlefield from different angles. Zoom out and in to see who is hiding where and devise your fighting plan accordingly.


Hit and walk through walls by activating this function. It makes it easier to kill pro enemies without coming face-to-face.

Show Menu:

This section features options like show Health, show cooldown, Show Distance, Show Hero Name, Show Jungle, and Show Player Name.

Custom Menu:

The custom menu is equipped with much more important tricks like Tower Not Attack, No Skill CD, Auto spam, Unlock Emblem, and much more.

No Password:

It requires no password or special key to open and easily get access to the main menu of the application containing all the best features.

Additional Features of Jhong Gaming Injector APK:

  • Free to download and install this application
  • Use teleport menu
  • You can easily locate important locations.
  • Get enemy location instantly
  • No hidden charges
  • No registration
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Compatibility


Overall, the application has assured many more players with its awesome free features and unlocking premium skin in MLBB. So, Download Jhong Gaming Injector APK today and boost your best performance in the amazing game.

About Information:


Jhong Gaming

Compatible with

Android 5.0+

Last version







JHONG Gaming Mod ML



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