Cyber Liker APK Latest Version(V3.7) Free For Android


 today we are introducing a cyber-like application, for android users. Using this application you can achieve more than a million likes and comments on your Facebook photos, status, and videos easily. if you are interested to increase likes and comments on your Facebook photo, then read this article carefully. we are going to share an android application that is one cyber likes or cyber like now its APK file is released by developers. the latest version available is here for free download from android.

Cyber likes (liker) is the new app that makes your status by increasing unlimited likes on your Facebook posts. Cyber liker is another application to get instant likes in a large number. Every person has a dream to get a number of likes on their posts. So for that, we are offering a new and important app that makes your Facebook status bright by increasing your likes on Facebook posts.

Free For Android

you are interested in this application so download and install it on your android smartphones and tablets. At this time every person dreams to achieve more than a million likes and comments on his Facebook profile. use this application your dream is 100%  successful. 

CyberLikes increases facebook auto likes & followers better than any other Cyber Liker on the Internet. this application is free of cost and doesn't have any other requirements. you only need to download and install this app on your android phone.

Cyber liker Features

  • cyber like the app is a free app for your android and smartphones. 
  • Using this application you can access more than a million likes and comments.
  • One of the best, most authentic, and most reliable auto-liker apps for Facebook.
  • Very interactive and user-interactive.
  • Very easy to use and no need for any skill to use it.
  • All in one app that gets you a huge number of likes, comments, and followers
  • the cyber-like app is best for all devices.

How to use CyberLikes?

cyber like the app is a very interesting and amazing application. It is very easy to use and if you are a beginner then don’t worry, you can easily use it without any difficulty. just follow given all instructions you can easily download and install it on your android smartphones.

  • First of all, download and install the app using the given download link.
  • Now launch the app and allow and give permission to access your public profile.
  • After that, a Facebook login box appears,s and now enter your Facebook login details.
  • Now, it will ask you to generate a token and the token is free.
  • Copy the token URL and paste it into a new window and then open it.
  • Now on the new windows, you will get auto likes, comments, and followers on your profile.
file detail
  • File Name: Cyber Likes (Cyber liker) APK
  • Version: v3.7 [Latest]
  • Developed by: CyberLikes
  • Official site:
  • APK size: 1.51 MB
  • Requires: All Android and Tablet phones
  • Cost: free


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